Please take the NFU Farm Bill Survey

The discussions leading up to the next Farm Bill have already begun. We want to know what you think $3 corn has us all thinking about the income safety net.  Farmers Union needs to know what is on your mind as we do Farm Bill development. Below is the note from NFU President Roger Johnson noting that only 9 people from Nebraska has filled out the survey. Our state has been a leader on Farm Bills for as long as I can remember.  Please take the time to fill the NFU survey out, and ask others to do so as well by forwarding the link below. I filled it out, and while it caused me to do some thinking, I thought it was a good survey. Thanks for your time, and we’ll be “seeing you” as we get our numbers up to where they should be.

All the best,

John K. Hansen, President

Nebraska Farmers Union



I am writing in regard to the National Farmers Union Farm Bill Survey. The farm bill discussions will begin in the next year. In preparation, NFU released the Farm Bill Survey to our membership to solicit opinions and evaluations of farm bill programs. Diverse stakeholder participation is important as we look to formulate ideas for the next farm bill.

As of May 26, 2016, only 9 people from Nebraska have completed the survey. I encourage you to reach out to your membership and ask them to complete the survey. The link is available here:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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