Nebraska’s Energy Future: A Community Conversation
June 22nd on UNK’s Campus, Copeland Room 140, 6:30-8:30 P.M.
Free Coffee and Pie Served
Nebraska’s Public Power system is unique in that it is the only publicly owned state run electric utility system in the nation. This means we all should have a say when it comes to the decisions involved in keeping our lights on. Right now the State’s Energy Office, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, and our Public Power Districts are planning for Nebraska’s energy future. The State Energy Office and these agencies have been tasked with putting together a comprehensive State Energy Plan that looks at the cost of fuel, future customer growth, where we currently get our power from, future generation options, and environmental regulations. The final plan will likely include recommendations for future energy investments and other decisions regarding our public power system. These decisions will affect all Nebraskans. Customers from around the state should be a part of this discussion so community members from around the state have decided to host several community conversations on this topic. Nebraskans share many concerns and interests like our state’s changing utility rates, federal environmental regulations, future changes in our infrastructure, and the shifting costs of renewable energy and efficiency options. Nebraska faces many challenges when planning our energy future and this forum allows customers to ask questions of their local elected leaders, utility folks, and energy advocates on a range of topics relating to public power and Nebraska’s energy future. These conversations will take place in communities around the state throughout the year, so stay tuned for a conversation near you.
The Panelists;
 Community Action Partnership. Our coalition believes programs that emphasize reducing and conserving our energy consumption like commercial and residential weatherization projects, especially for low income families that struggle to keep their lights on, are good for the environment and our pocket books, and therefore should be a large part of our state’s energy plan. For this reason we have invited Community Action Partnership to be a part of the conversation on June 22nd.
 Kearney Mayor, Stan Clouse. Kearney is doing it’s part to keep your lights on and your utility bills low. Join in the conversation with Kearney’s Mayor, Stan Clouse, as we learn about the new city solar project and all of the other great sustainable things the city is doing.
 Nebraska Wildlife Federation Director, Duane Hovorka. The Federation has been Nebraska’s voice for people who love wildlife and wild places since 1970, and Hovorka has been part of a state-wide initiative to move Nebraska’s electric utilities towards clean energy solutions.
Our Format is all about hearing from you! After our panelists speak on a range of energy topics feel free to grab some coffee and pie and join in the conversation.
This event is being hosted by a coalition of environmental and energy advocates like the Center for Rural Affairs, League of Conservation Voters, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, League of Women Voters, BOLD Nebraska, Nebraska Famers Union and the Sierra Club. Our goal is to gain feedback from customer-owners like you that we can take back to our state’s capital and discuss with law and policy makers in our legislature and other state agencies.
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