Nebraska Farmers Union PAC Announces General Election Endorsements

For Immediate Release

June 19, 2020

LINCOLN, NE – NEBFARMPAC, the political action committee of Nebraska Farmers Union, Nebraska’s second largest general farm organization with over 4,000 farm and ranch families, announced its general election endorsements today for Congress, the Legislature, Public Service Commission, State Board of Education, Public Power Districts, Natural Resource Districts, and County Commissioners.

Based on their position on family farm and ranch issues with input from county and district officers as well as state office staff, the NEBFARMPAC Board of Directors announced the following Primary endorsements, with NeFU members in bold:


1st Congressional District:  Jeff Fortenberry, Kate Bolz

2nd Congressional District:  Kara Eastman

Nebraska Legislature:

Carol Blood, LD3

Mike McDonnell, LD5

Tony Vargas, LD7

Terrell McKinney, LD11

Justin Wayne, LD13

Lynne Walz, LD15

Sheryl Lindau, LD17

Helen Raikes, LD23

Anna Wishart, LD27

Elliot Bostar, LD29

Tim Royers, LD31

Steve Halloran, LD33

Dan Quick, LD35

Tom Briese, LD41

Susan Hester, LD45

Jen Day, LD49

Public Service Commission:

District 2: Crystal Rhoades

State Board of Education:

District 2: Lisa Fricke


Nebraska Public Power District:

Subdivision 1: Mary Harding

Subdivision 7: Sheila Hubbard

Subdivision 9: Jeff Mulder


Omaha Public Power District:

Subdivision 1: Amanda Bogner

Subdivision 2: Sara Howard

Lower Platte North NRD

Subdistrict 3: Andrew Tonnies

Subdistrict 7: Jeff Burling

Lower Platte South NRD

Subdistrict 5: John Yoakum

Subdistrict 6: Anthony Schutz

Subdistrict 7: Chelsea Johnson

Lower Elkhorn NRD

Subdistrict 7: Randy Ruppert


Papio-Missouri River NRD

Subdistrict 3: Larry Bradley

Upper Elkhorn NRD

Subdistrict 6:  Art Tanderup

Subdistrict 7:  Keith Heithoff

Lancaster County Commissioner

Subdistrict 2: Christa Yoakum

Gage County Supervisor

District 6: Don Schuller