By Alexis Dunnum, NFU Executive Assistant

As mentioned previously on the Climate Column, we have noted that drought is expected to become more frequent, severe, and damaging to farmers as climates continue to change around the world. Drought affects farming operations of all sizes and if farmers are not prepared, drought can lead to production losses.

To keep farmers updated with drought information, the Southeast Climate Hub (SERCH)  has created the U.S. Monthly Drought Outlook, a tool that uses temperature and precipitation outlooks and various short- and medium-term forecasts to produce a monthly outlook of drought conditions.

Farmers can subscribe to areas of their interest and SERCH monitors the monthly drought outlook dataset for that area. In addition to receiving monthly updates, subscribers will receive an email notification regarding any expected changes to the specified area.

If you would like to receive Monthly Drought Alerts, please subscribe by filling out your information here.

Are you concerned with the potential for drought impacts on your farm? Are there additional tools that have helped you make informed production decisions? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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