Access to Markets: The Greenway Farm Family & Farm Advocacy

May 26, 2017Beginning Farmers No Comments

By Lura Roti, South Dakota Farmers Union A $200 scholarship from the Davison County Pork Producers in 1984 launched Brad Greenway on an agricultural advocacy journey which has put him in front of thousands of consumers coast-to-coast and around the world to share his story. “That scholarship got me involved,” explains the third-generation pork producer. Brad’s engagement … Read More

Access to Markets: Value Added Producer Grants

May 25, 2017Beginning Farmers No Comments

By Matt Perdue, NFU Government Relations Representative When my mother was growing up on her family’s farm near Bergen, North Dakota, they produced most of the food they ate. Their eggs, butter, milk, cream, fruits, vegetables, beef, pork, and chicken were all raised and processed on the farm. The good Germans that they are, my … Read More

Access to Efficiency: Rural Development

May 23, 2017Beginning Farmers No Comments

By Tom Driscoll, Director of NFU Foundation and Conservation Policy One of the principles driving National Farmers Union is our dedication to the communities in which food producers live and work. The preamble to our policy states, “The goal of NFU is to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers, … Read More

What Can Farmers Do About Climate Change? Methane Digesters

May 22, 2017Climate Column No Comments

By Rori Cowan, Senior Program Associate at the American Carbon Registry Agricultural carbon offsets have been a hot topic in both the environmental and agricultural worlds in the last decade in the fight to mitigate climate change. While there have been substantial hurdles to implementation, such as prohibitive monitoring requirements, there have also been significant … Read More

The Future of Farming is Now

May 19, 2017Blog No Comments

By Natalie McGill and Stewart Lundy, Owners & Operators of Perennial Roots Farm Farmers tend to be rugged individualists. They might be a little rough around the edges, but that tough skin is just part of how they are able to do the hard work of farming. The constant ups and downs in farming require real … Read More

Perdue Testifies on Depressed Rural Economy

May 17, 2017Blog No Comments

By Skylar Schneider, NFU Executive Assistant Today, the House Agriculture Committee held a hearing on rural communities and agriculture, during which U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue provided an update on the state of the farm economy. In written testimony, he addressed the fact that, after a 50 percent decrease over the past four years, net farm … Read More

Access to Markets: Why Media Matters in Agriculture

May 16, 2017Beginning Farmers No Comments

By Tommy Enright, Wisconsin Farmers Union Communications Associate Some farms garner a great deal of media attention while similar farms fly below the radar. Why is this? To be sure, there are farmers doing enough awesome things in their communities that people take notice. But more likely, they are good at marketing themselves. In my experience, … Read More